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Denver Gorilla Run


Did you know gorillas secretly loved guacamole? We didn’t either until recently when we decided to participate in a Gorilla Run!

5k marathons are healthy, fun, and exciting, but running in gorilla suits while chasing bananas is even better! Each Gorilla Run helps raise awareness for a great cause, The Save A Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

This organization is dedicated to the conservation and protection of highly endangered gorillas in Africa. Twenty-eight years ago, there were only 248 mountain gorillas living in the wild, because of the conservation fund, there are now 880 living in the wild- WOW!

This was our first gorilla event and the turnout was bananas! Adults and children of all ages participated in the run, each giving their own personal touches to their outfits, from pirates to safari gorillas even Finding Waldo gorillas! After the run, everyone refueled by chowing down on our chips and Yucatan guacamole. It was a blast and we can’t wait to attend the next one.

Come join us for the Gorilla Runin Austin & Cincinnati!For more information, visit www.Cincinnatigorillarun.com, www.Austingorillarun.com